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The College Alumnae Club of the National Association of University Women is comprised of a committed population of college-educated women from diverse backgrounds.


To achieve our goals and maintain our service in the greater community of Washington, DC, the branch draws on the diverse constituency of women representing a variety of professions, including but not limited to educational, business, legal, political, media, governmental, technological, entertainment, and healthcare industries. Many of these women have distinguished themselves with graduate and professional degrees as well as high achievements in their respective fields while still contributing to the success of the College Alumnae Club of the National Association of University Women. Yet, because we know we are only a great as our membership and sister, The College Alumnae Club always seeks to continue its reach to more women who share its sincere interest in serving the community.

Women holding a degree from an accredited college, university or scientific school listed by the United States Department of Education are eligible for membership in the National Association of University Women.

Members-at-Large membership may exist where there is not a branch in existence.



  • Over 100 Year Legacy

  • Lifelong Friendships

  • Community Engagement

  • Professional Development

  • Personal Development

  • Scholarships/Fellowships

Interested in learning more about NAUW College Alumnae Club membership, send an email to

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