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Since its establishment, the National Association of University Women (NAUW) has clearly established itself as a public service organization that strives to confront the problems of African-Americans and, hence, all Americans. 


A wide range of programs addressing education, health, international development, and political awareness and involvement has emerged and evolved over the years. 


In realizing its mission, the NAUW will provide an extensive array of public-service activities through its Four-Point Program. The Four-Point Program is designed for all branches, large or small.  Simply select the programs that your branch would like to participate in, use the suggestions listed, and tailor your activities to deliver the results needed for a successful outcome.  

Learn more about NAUW-CAC and the programs we support.

The National Association of University Women is a public service organization that strives to confront the problems of all Americans. Many programs addressing education, health, international development, and strengthening of the African American family have emerged and evolved over the years. Today, programs remain the heart of NAUW and our new Six-Point Program is designed to improve the lives of others with innovative and high-impact programs. All branches will creatively implement programs that will effectively serve their respective communities.








Education is a major focus of the Association and involves elementary and high school students, teenage parents and adults. Branches sponsor educational projects as a service to the community and often network with other associations and organizations. Through our Connection Program branches adopt schools and/or classes where tutoring and mentoring are provided in reading, writing, mathematics and science for boys and girls at all grade levels. The Educational Development program is designed to help develop our youth because they are truly our future. The program has an objective of assisting in the development of youth by coordinating programs that will prepare them to fully participate as successful leaders in the 21st century. 


NAUW Young Achievers program will address the issues challenging middle and high school-aged African-American girls and/or boys. Through a series of workshops and interactive programs, the Young Achievers program supports a successful completion of middle school and facilitates the transition to high school. 

The program will create an environment of learning that enriches the lives of girls and/or boys in grades six through twelve focused on educational, cultural, philanthropic and socio-economic principles while stimulating spiritual growth through enrichment programs.  Our success will produce a strong-minded leader with the ability to stand strong in today’s global society.


The Reading Bridge program will create a reading project where every member in the branch is involved in One-on-One reading with a reading friend.  Select a reader from kindergarten through adult (suggested times will vary from 30 minutes with very young readers to 50-60 minutes with teens and adults).  Keep the focus on the books and make the reading experience positive and fun.  Branch members will keep a monthly log of hours devoted to this project.


The National Association of University Women will promote national and international awareness with Habitat for Humanity.


NAUW will educate its membership and the African-American community about the global housing crisis that the world is experiencing and why Habitat for Humanity is needed.  NAUW branches will partner with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates throughout the United States and abroad. 


Habitat for Humanity is an international, non-governmental, and non-profit organization, which was founded in 1976. Habitat has been devoted to building "simple, decent, and affordable" housing, a self-described "Christian housing ministry," and has addressed the issues of poor-quality housing all over the world. Habitat for Humanity's vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


The National Association of University Women will promote health awareness in three areas:  Organ, Tissue and Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Program; A Healthy Lifestyle:  Fighting Obesity and its Consequences; and Alzheimer’s disease.


Organ, Tissue and Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Program will educate the membership and the African-American community about the importance of, and need for, donating organ, tissue, and bone marrow. 


A Healthy Lifestyle:  Fighting Obesity and its Consequences Program will focus on the importance and a major prevention awareness campaign with emphasis on hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes management with diet and exercise.

The Alzheimer’s Program will generate awareness and support for Alzheimer’s programming and research.  Alzheimer’s disease is one of the fastest growing health challenges among African- Americans.  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain’s nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, deficits in thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes. Research shows that older African-Americans are about twice as likely as older whites to have Alzheimer’s and other dementias. A growing body of evidence suggests that risk factors for vascular disease — including diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol – may very well be risk factors for Alzheimer’s.


The National Association of University Women has always been an organization devoted to promoting educational, social and political justice.  Understanding the critical times and recognizing the impact on our generation and future generations to come, we have set out to do our part.  As future leaders of this nation, we are committed to advancing the legislative agenda of those who seek to create equitable change in our world.  Because effective political action is essential to protecting civil rights and advancing the legislative agenda for social justice, it is imperative that we educate and empower our college youth and others in the community by hosting voter registration drives.

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